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Inspirational Quotes

Here are some of my favorite inspirational quotes when I’m doing peep talk to myself.

Feel free to use them as background in your phone, send them to a friend or share them in any social plataform.

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My Pets Story

Today is National Love your Pet Day, it’s not like our fur babies need a special day for them to be cuddle and have a good belly rub but I mean I couldn’t let it pass without telling you about my doggies which I love with all my heart.

Their names are Ringo and Molly, but I’ll tell you Ringo Story first. Ringo came to our life when he was only 8 weeks he is the sweetest puppy you have ever seen. The is a Red Heeler and Collie mix and since day one my whole family felt in love with him. He is a cattle dog, which means he gets to spend all day with my hubby in the pastures or riding with him in the truck. They are bbfs in calving season because he is the KING of herding cows from the pasture to the pens. Right now he has been with us for 4 years and although he is taller and bigger he still wiggles his butt off every time we get home.

Molly is a blue heeler puppy who came to our lives through a friend of a friend, since the minute I put my eyes on her I said to my husband, I want her. We went to pick her up and she was she size of the palm of my hand, she was so tiny that all the way home I put her in my lap and I could barely feel her. She was allow to be inside from time to time because Ringo was big enough to hurt her. After a few months she started to work cattle with Ringo and they have been inseparables since then. Molly is my dog, she listen to me and she loves when I rub her back while she is laying on the front porch floor.

My fur babies love my family and we love them back, my girls have learned so much having pets around because they feel the necessity of being compassioned and caring to these little creatures who give them all the love they have in their hearts.

Today hug your wiggle butt baby and don’t forget to give them a good treat, because they will spend all their life loving you because of you, and that’s it.

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Happiness blooms from the within.

My favorite month it’s here!!!

I decide to intentionally make this 30 days Happiness Challenge in February. It’s my birthday month, V- Day is around the corner and all the beautiful cold weather is taking its last shot before starting to wind down; which don’t get me wrong get me super excited.

Join me in this super Happy 30 days Challenge with the hashtag #happy30dayschallenge and lets make it happen.

Day 1. Clean the bed sheets

Day 2. Listen to your favorite music from your teenager years

Day 3. Meditate

Day 4. Trear your self with some flowers.

Day 5. Compliment someone and yourself too.

Day 6. Dance like no one is watching.

Day 7. Take yourself our for lunch.

Day 8. Do something creative with your time.

Day 9. Take a relaxing bath or shower.

Day 10. Create a pinterest board full of things you love. (puppies)

Day 11. Bake some goodies.

Day 12. Go and take a walk or a run.

Day 13. Call someone you love.

Day 14. Read a book.

Day 15. Learn something new.

Day 16. Try something new. (Clothes, food, shoes, mood)

Day 17. Help someone out.

Day 18. Start or write a journal.

Day 19. Exercise for at least 30 minutes.

Day 20. Level up something.

Day 21. Cook something from scratch.

Day 22. Celebrate a small win.

Day 23. Take a moment and breath.

Day 24. Make a fancy breakfast.

Day 25. Tidy up a room in your house.

Day 26. Visit somewhere new.

Day 27. Listen to the birds

Day 28. Get up early and watch the sunrise.

Day 29. Eat a healthy meal.

Day 30. Have a PJ day.


Guess what? It’s my Birthday

It’s being 84 years and I can still smell the fresh paint… umm… no it hasn’t been that long Rose!!!

Today it’s my 3-2 birthday… wait what? I remember thinking that people in their 30 were old, but wait… 32 isn’t really that old, I also remember being so worried in my 20s about all the things I “needed” to do in order to be a successful woman in the eyes of today’s society.

This is me when I was just a tiny little baby

Thank God I see everything more clearly now… I’m exactly where in suppose to be in my life, my family makes me so happy, I adore my husband and my girls, I enjoy my work and my personal growth is beyond what I could ever imagine. You wanna know what else? I get to share little pieces of my life with you, my tribe.

I decided that 32 its going to be amazing, it’s going to be epic and it’s going to be graceful. My blessings will overflow my cup, my goals will be reach and my heart will be full with every joyful moment.

Go to my Instagram to celebrate with me! @livingmybestlifeblog

Cheers for my 32!!

Happy Birthday to me!

Love, your girl



Working moms are everywhere

Most of 70% of the female work force in the world have children, which give them the title of “working moms”that means that 70% of us, go to work everyday from 9 to 5 and come back to our family, to help our kids do their homework, to sign school papers, to make dinner and get everything ready to do it all over again tomorrow. It doesn’t matter if you work in the corporate world or you have your own business, the truth is trying to find the home/work balance is never easy and almost impossible.

photography of people inside room during daytime

It’s so funny to me that women can go through so much in their life: relationships, acne, bad hair days, love deceptions, long lasting friendships, true love, etc and they make it work some way but when they become moms they are introduce to a living breathing entity that if you are not aware it will suck your soul. Working mom guilt.

Look friend, i would describe myself as a “cool mom” most of the days, I’m a DIY pro, I’m that mom who always scream her daughters names on a their cheerleaders competition and I’m that mom who cried when they said “mama” for the first time.


Truth to be told i hold myself to an enormous sky high standard of parenting, which in other words means I’m just setting up myself for failure.

Here’s an example if you don’t believe me: in the beginning of this school year i signed up for the annual Trunk or treat at my youngest daughter’s school. She wanted me to go and dress up ans scare her little friends. From the moment i grabbed that pen i knew that my work schedule will be in the way of this amazing opportunity to spend quality time with my little one… but… like the “High standard mom” i am, i thought i can move things around and make it work.

The Halloween week came and my work schedule was insane, i sat with my daughter and explain to her I wont be able to make it but instead I’ll could sent some goodies bags to her classroom. She was thrill and didn’t give it a second thought.

bowl of candy corns

But me… oh boy… this mom failure is still on my mind. Why? Because it’s my nature (and yours too, sis) to find our weaknesses and poke at them.

macro photography of woman kissing baby head

I’m still learning this but, say it with me — IT’S OK TO FAIL.

We moms are humans: our kids need to know us as humans who make mistakes and the reason things normally run so smoothly is because we try really, really hard all the freaking time.

We don’t have all the answers to every situation. We are still learning how to be amazing moms and navigate this world with gluten allergies and muddy foot prints on our fresh mopped floor.

Mommas friends, mom guilt is real, super real and if you let it, it will consume you.

woman carrying child on color run

Don’t be unrealistic in your expectations as mom, give yourself grace. It’s ok to struggle, stumble and fail, because when you get up you have learned a lesson and guess what? your kids as well.

My tip as a cool mom as I think I am its this sis, your kids don’t need a perfect mom, they need a human mom, they need you.

Love, your girl



Lets get mental MOMS

As we navigate contemporary motherhood many of us, moms or women whatever season of life we are don’t have the time or energy to understand why we fell all the emotions we feel, sometimes we internalize our feelings and do the best we can to show up every single day.

mental health text

A lot of experts blame the hormones for our compromised psychological well being while others like myself think it comes from society’s gender expectations.

Let’s do real talk moms, mommy guilt is the worst, its exhausting, it has become a national pastime, every kind of mom from celebraties like Kim K to your sister in law to myself has felt it without question, our love from our tiny humans makes us susceptible to second guess every decision we make on daily basis. –

Should I be upset to my toddler because he pulled that girls hair in daycare? No, poor guy he is in daycare because of my work.

Look at Sally, she packed organic lunches to her kids everyday; that means I’m a lousy mom because I made my son a pb and jam sandwich.

What is that? This is the third day on a row that you see Felicia in the drop off line wearing pajamas?

Come on you guys!!! We all have feel it and even make someone feel it too.

The truth is MOMS DONT GET ENOUGH SLEEP we contend years of interrumpted sleep and we are exhausted all the time. Unfortunately, the impact of sleep deprivation is dangerous for our mental health. It can lead to depression, anxiety, stress, etc.

So please, please mom friends when you bundle of joy is taking a nap or your older kids are in their rooms doing some homework forget about your to do list and lay down for a while. REST SLEEP RELAX

woman laying on bed

Get that sleep hours in momma, you need them to be the best mom you can be, so you can play with your kiddos with getting mad all the time or take them to the park, you can rock that PTA meeting and be a friend to Felicia instead of judging her.

Moms keep everybody sleep schedule on time since the day they were born and we just forget that we need the same rest as them. Sleep is the time when your body and brain regenerate and you need that more than everyone else in your life, yes you read that right MORE than everyone else.

Mental Health is a anchor in your life, please don’t be stubborn trying to believe that you can go on with sleep for 2 days or another cup of coffee will do the trick. I want you to enjoy your life and fulfilled your existence in this world, so take a nap, rest your mind for at least 15 minutes every 2 hours, sleep 7 to 8 hours at night and take care of your mental health.

If you need help or someone to talk you send me a dm in my Instagram @livingmybestlifeblog or comment here and reach out.

Love, your girl



Quick and delicious Hot Cocoa

silver heart molder

My girls and I share the love for delicious hot cocoa, specially in those snowy, cold days that we don’t get to stay at home. Each of us have our on special cup and when we pour this scrumptious hot cocoa we top it with a limitless amount of mini marshmallows. YUMMM….

This recipe came up to me as I research how to make homemade hot cocoa mix. It’s took me some practice to perfection it but now I can wait to share it with y’all.

This are the most easy to get ingredients so just go to your grocery store and grab them ASAP:

*Powered Sugar

*Instant dry milk powder

*French Vainilla Coffee Creamer

*Unsweetened cocoa powder

In a large bowl you will whisk the cocoa powder and the powdered sugar together until you remove any big lumps.

Then incorporate the dry milk powder. Followed by the coffee creamer and again whisk all together until it’s all super smooth.

and there you have it… Isn’t this the quicker recipe you have ever read in a blog?

Now, what I like to do its pour all the mix in a airtight cointainer and have it ready to go.

To make yourself and your family a mug of this flavorful hot cocoa all you got to do is:

*Add 1/2 cup of hot cocoa mix to your cup and pour around 8 or 7 ounces of hot water in the mug, remember to incorporate all the mini marshmallows you want and even candy canes or sprinkle some cinnamon. (That makes it super tasty too)

white and black mug with marshmallow and milk


Valentines Self Care Day

With Valentine’s day less than a month away i think it’s the perfect time to nurturing yourself, loving yourself and and celebrate the most beautiful love in your life… yourself my dear.

I know every TV commercial and store are trying to sell you than this holiday is all about couple love and show your significant other how much you care about him or her.

But let me tell you, if you are in a season where you don’t have a couple or you are just single by choice you shouldn’t feel like this holiday is not yours to celebrate. I want you to love yourself and show yourself how important is your relationship this Valentine’s day.

So with that in mind I came up with these self care tips to enjoy your V-day either you decide to be alone or have your girlfriends over for a Galentine’s day, or if you just want to take a “me” time right before your date.

*Buy yourself some flowers

red flower bouquet on brown surface

*Journal everything you are thinking or feeling

Bake a sweet you love. You know as well as i know you can’t go wrong with chocolate

cooked food

Practice mindfulness. Meditate. Go into the wilderness and find your inner peace.

woman in blue jacket sitting on rock

Take a social media break… its ok to unplug for a while so you can enjoy yourself without checking what everybody else is up to. Read a book, burn a candle, go out with your gals or have a glass of your favorite wine.

person holding goblet glass while holding book and reading

Remember that February 14 is a date to celebrate love whatever that looks to you.

You don’t need to fit in the box society is trying to put you in. You are lovable and worthy whatever you are single, in a relationship or going through a break up.

Happy Valentine’s Day y’all!

Love, Mary


Welcome 2020!

Happy New Year clipart

Happy New Year Tribe! I’m so excited to start this 2020 with this blog and all of you guys, this year its going to be the best year of our lives, its going to be full of challenges, good vibes, hopes, dreams, pivots, self-love and motivation.

Every year I choose a word which will be my motto for the year around, this year is “UNBREAKABLE”. Why you ask? Because every year I get to decide who I am, every single day I’m alive, or you’re alive, we’re choosing this life we are living and person we are.

Every word I have chose like “MINDFUL”, “RESILIENT” or “UNBREAKABLE” have power for me. In days when I feel down I look to that words and reminds me who I am and what I want for me. It may sounds silly for you but its substancial for me and my everyday life.

Unbreakable: What a powerful word… in the dictionary is define as shatterproof, resistant and sturdy. Wow! As I read these words I feel my heart getting fire up, I’m so incredible strong and able to rise up on odd circustances that without a doubt I can refer myself as unbreakable.

I’m sure it will be times where I dont feel or see as strong as I feel today but I will remeber this fire in my heart right this moment and I will pivot from that situation.

You, my dear friend have that fire within yourself too and I want you to let it out, I want you to arise from all the adversities you may encounter this year and be victorious.

Set goals, make resolutions that are incredible and don’t settle for nothing else, fight for your dreams every day and let this year become what you want it to be.

2020 its going to be the proof that you are intentional with yourself and you are doing the hard work to achieve the life you want.

Are you excited? Share your word with me using #my2020word in Instagram and tag me so I can share it with all the tribe in my instastories @livingmybestlifeblog


My 2019 Recap

green Christmas decor with New Year greetings

2019 is almost done and I want to take a moment to reach to you guys and express my gratitude for being so supported to this little blog of mine.

Im super excited for what the future holds and all the dreams I’m accomplishing and keep making true next year.

2019 showed me a new facet of me, I learned that my patience is precious but I have to rise up and ask for what I’m worth. I learned I can be all I want as long as I am true to myself, I appreciated all the everyday small blessings and even I thought myself to be unpredictable something I though I could never be. I met new people, I made tons of new friends and let behind all the negative vibes in my life. Why? Because this next year my focus is to be great, no no just great, I want to be the very best exceptional version of myself and that means I need be surrounded by people I love and they love me back.

It’s a hard choice but hard choices are the ones that without a doubt will propel you to amazing results.

Everyone wants to be great and be the best version of themselves but little do they know it not enough to say it, you need to actually do all the work, no shortcuts, no backups, just pure hard work all day everyday.

I made myself number 1 priority and this so freaking hard, I’m still learning and somedays I go back to bad habits of let other people opinions come to my life first than my own. But I’m getting better at catching that when happen.

Fall in love with the process of be exceptional, fall in love with yourself, with your life, with every part of your day that makes you fulfilled and then let everything else behind.

Come on friend let conquer this amazing, beautiful mess called life.

I ready to go ALL in 2020… are you coming with me?

Love, your girl Mary


Amazon Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Do you feel overwhelm with all this Holiday craziness? Friend I got you.

Oh boy, I love Holidays its that time of year when everything smells like cinnamon and hot cocoa.Its the time I come home to get cozy and watch Christmas movies all weekend long, buuut its also the season when I want to pull my hair out because all the shopping, so this year I came out with this holiday Amazon Gift Guide so you don’t have to.

Its affordable and there is something for everyone in your family as well as for mine.

Echo Show 5. $49.00 – Free Shipping

This is an incredible gift for everybody home, it connects to Alexa to give you vivid visuals and full sounds. Its great to have it in the kitchen for meal prep and checking the weather or traffic as you head out to your holiday destination.

LOL Surprise! $71.99 – Free Shipping

Let the girls in your family unbox 60+ never before seen surprise including a limited edition of this dollies, open the glittering case to reveal layer after later of fabulous surpirse. My daughter loves all her LOL dolls and this is a perfect gift for the holiday.

Weighted Blanket $51.90 – Free Shipping

Is someone in your family having problems to go to sleep? This is the best weighted blanket for the insomniacs in your family, they will luxuriate in extraordinarily tranquil and gentle hug every night of the week, this weighted blanket its 20lbs and is machine washable WHAT? I KNOW!

Women’s Fuzzy Fleece Open Front Long Cardigan. $37.99

Super trendy, cozy long cardigan, 6 color options and you can use it for your office party this weekend or just to go to the coffee shop. This is one of the 1# best sellers items on amazon.

Fedora $16.45

Best clothing accessory for this season, It can look great with a dress or simply t-shirt and jeans.

Its perfect for all your formal events or daily wear.

Leather Messenger Bag $79.99- Free Shipping

This bag is skillfully sewed to ensure high durability, it’s an amazing gift for your boyfriend or dad.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 – $54.59 – Free Shipping

All teenagers want one of this, the best of all? Its super affordable and comes in 9 colors.

Lego Technic WHACK! $19.12

What is better than a racing vehicle for a kid? One that you can build of course, this Lego car has a pull-back motor so the kiddos can experience amazing acceleration while you drink your cup of coffee in Christmas morning.

I hope you find this Holiday Amazon Guide helpful as much as I did.

share with me your favorite items from this list in my insta @livingmybestlifeblog.



Women who inspire me Part 2

Living my Best Life Blog Series

Hey Friend welcome back to my Blog Series “Women who inspire me”!

On today’s post I’m talking about Rachel Hollis, she is a top motivational speaker, author, mom of 4 and this week woman who inspire me.

I have read her books “Girl, wash your face” and “Girl, stop apologizing”, listened to her podcast, I mean I’m totally fangirl this gal, but let me tell you a little a bit about how I found her.

It was spring of 2018 and the flowers were blooming and the birdies were chipping away, ok ok, cut to the chase Mary, so there was something inside of me that wanted more, but don’t get m

e wrong my life was great, but I wanted more for me internally you know? Like when you feel like something inside of you want to burst but you don’t know what would happen if you let it burst.

So I was trying to feel great within my own self, but my negative self-talk was acting crazy!

It just won’t stop, I couldn’t keep it quiet, from I hate my hair, to why can I lose the baby weight when my baby is already 6!

I was in a dark place but the saddest part was that nobody but myself keep beating me down. Then one totally normal day I was walking through the supermarket buying some dog food for my fur babies when I came across with the book aisle.

The book “Girl, wash your face!” was on the top shelf to the right and when I saw it I was like “Oh, I never have time to read, why should I bother?”

But I got it anyway, thinking maybe one day I will read it. So I got home and the book stayed on my night table for a whole week until one day I open it and you guys, I couldn’t put it down. I got hooked, I stared searching who this Hollis girl was and soon enough I found out about the great impact she has on all women lives around the globe.

She is a powerhouse of positivity, knowledge, purpose and most important she is a woman like you and me that loves to shop at Target and her some Beyonce jams while working out.

If you haven’t hear about her go and follow her on Instagram or any other social media. She is amazing!

Share with me your favorite author or book here and check out my Instagram @livingmybestlifebymary.


Women who inspire me

Living my best life Blog Series

Hey ya’ll, this is a new Blog Series where I will be giving a shout out and sharing with you stories from women who had cross my path or have been there since I can remember.

This is my new blog series WOMEN WHO INSPIRE ME #WWIM

Ok, to start amazing series I want to talk about my sisters Chela and Pame, you see I’m the youngest of 4 siblings and having my sisters since day one has been one of my greatest blessings, they have always been there for me, from doing my hair and singing happy birthday to me when I was little to helping through some failures, ugly crying and everything in between. Yes of course we fight but we always find the way to work things out. We love watching TV Shows while eating chips with salsa valentina or just hanging out doing nothing (this was before we had kids, haha)

They are exceptional moms and hard working women, they rock at their jobs and not to brag but they are pretty darn beautiful.

I miss them dearly because since I don’t live in the same city it’s hard for me to see them and visit them as much as I would like to but we chat every day and we help each other even if we are not together.

I admire them so much, Chela is my oldest sister, she is an English teacher in my hometown, she is smart, funny, dedicated and super creative, and she has her own party decor business and let me tell you she is the best, her creations are to die for, she can make anything she puts her mind into. The courage in her heart and the way she has to make any situation better is what makes her the incredible woman she is today.  

Pame is my middle sister, I have a really special bond with her because when I was a teenager going thru all the teenager drama situation she and her husband were always there for me and still are even now that I’m a full grown woman (well, sorta) she has been my support thru all my life and I love her with all my heart.

She is the boss, no, no, literally she is, she represent what a boss girl is, she is over the top intelligent, she is gracious, she is a culinary badass, she is fearless and stylish.

She is what Beyonce was thinking about when she wrote “Who runs the world”. Her kindness overflows every place she goes.

Both of them always make me feel like no matter where we are, we are sisters and we are always here for each other. They have share with me all my ups and downs, they know me and I value them like the shinning diamonds they are.

We are so different but they inspire me because though we grow up together facing the same rough childhood we overcome the fear, the sadness and the despair.

We rise from all that to become the amazing women who will inspire our own children and their children and so on.

Tell me about one woman that inspire you and give her a shout out in my Instagram page @livingmybestlifeblog.

Your girl,


Barbacoa Chihuahua Style

Here is one of my most delivious recipes from all times. Barbacoa Chihuahua Style.

Since I was little every sunday my dad would wake up early and prepare this barbacoa recipe for breakfast, I can remember hearing the chop chop at 6:30am but I didn’t mind because I know I was going to eat the most scrumptious sunday breakfast.

When I moved to US I could just go to the butcher and but me some barbacoa like my dad used to, so I decided to learn and master the art of making my own barbacoa at home, and I don’t mean to brag but my recipe is pretty darn pure gold. ( Honestly)

I will share it with you under one condition, make it on a sunday morning and trust me it will be your Sunday’s breakfast to go recipe from now on, but its ok if you make it on a weekday night or even for lunch this recipe is super versatile and you just need to pour all the ingredients in your crock pot and forget about it for 8 hours.

sliced lime in white ceramic bowl

Warm some corn tortillas, cut some limes, chop some cilantro and onion and you are ready to go… no wait I just thought of this and you will need my secret weapon… My Chile de arbol Salsa.

Now you are ready to enjoy the most delicious barbacoa of your life. Let’s go straight up to the recipe my friends:

  • Chuck Roast: This is the best type of beef for barbacoa because of the fat marbling, its super tender.
  • Olive oil: You will need this to brown the roast
  • Beef broth: This will keep the beef most and it will give it lots of flavor.
  • Bay leaves: These add a deeper flavor to the beef.
  • Salt, Pepper and Oregano: These are all the seasoning you will need.

-First you will need to cut the roast in about 5 or 6 portions while removing all large pieces of fat.

-Then you will need to sear the seasoned beef in a skillet with a tablespoon of olive oil.

-Add the beef to the crockpot and add the beef broth and bay leaves, you can add some guajillo chilis for flavor.

-Cook in the crockpot in losetting for 8 hours, then shred the beef in the crockpot and add some lime juice into it. Cook for another 20-30 minutes more.

-Chop some cilantro and onion and lime wedges and warm up some corn tortillas.

Now the bonus in this recipe its my Chile de Arbol Salsa. This is what you’ll need:

  • 4 Tomatillos
  • 2 Chilis Guajillo
  • 8 Chilis de arbol
  • 1 Garlic clove
  • 1/4 Cup of water
  • Salt and pepper

-Fill a small sauce pan with water and put it on medium heat in the stove, you will put the chilis de arbol in there to rehydrate.

-After that you will remove the steams from the guajillo chilis and you will place the chilis on a warm griddle to lightly toast them you know when they are ready because they will become fragrant.

-Roast the tomatillos and garlic at the same time of the chilis.

-Only when the chilis are rehydrated remove them from the sauce pan with a pair of tongs and place them in the blender with the garlic, tomatillos as well.

-Add some cooking liquid as necessary, add some salt and pepper as need.

This barbacoa beef its so good your family will love it!

Share with me when you make this recipe in my Instagram @livingmybestlifeblog

Love, your girl


My new favorite Vacuum

Dyson V7

Ok you guys, I need to tell you all about my new vacuum the Dyson V7. My husband got it for me this last Christmas and I LOVE IT!!! It’s super easy to use and very quiet, I can bring it upstairs and its super light.

It’s so great to empty because you don’t have to mess with all the yucky inside of the bin. It’s effortless to maneuver that even my 8 year old can vacumm (and she loves it)

Now, did I forget to mention its cordless, you know what that means.. no more pulling the cord or struggle to untie it.

Goes from bare floor to carpet without a problem, has great suction (for all those cheerios) and its amazing for vacuum hair (I see you, ladies with long hair)

The storage is one of my favorite because it comes with it’s own charging station that doesn’t need almost any space. Also the attachments are great for your car’s carpet and for those little dirty corners we all hate.

This is my review for the lovely machine that has made my cleaning life so much easier.

If you want to purchase one I found some great deals for you.

6 ways to rock braids

Let’s talk about braids, they are fun, cute and easy to do. My daughter has really beautiful long hair and she is always looking for new ways to do her hair. Having that on mind we came up with these 6 ways to rock braids.

Whenever it’s a school day, cheerleader practice, sports, debate club presentation these hairstyles will make you and your girls look AMAZING!

Side braid

Crown braid

Half up Half down braid

French Braid

Two braids

Braid and bun

Give these braids a try I guarantee you, you won’t regret it.

Love, your girl.