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My Pets Story

Today is National Love your Pet Day, it’s not like our fur babies need a special day for them to be cuddle and have a good belly rub but I mean I couldn’t let it pass without telling you about my doggies which I love with all my heart.

Their names are Ringo and Molly, but I’ll tell you Ringo Story first. Ringo came to our life when he was only 8 weeks he is the sweetest puppy you have ever seen. The is a Red Heeler and Collie mix and since day one my whole family felt in love with him. He is a cattle dog, which means he gets to spend all day with my hubby in the pastures or riding with him in the truck. They are bbfs in calving season because he is the KING of herding cows from the pasture to the pens. Right now he has been with us for 4 years and although he is taller and bigger he still wiggles his butt off every time we get home.

Molly is a blue heeler puppy who came to our lives through a friend of a friend, since the minute I put my eyes on her I said to my husband, I want her. We went to pick her up and she was she size of the palm of my hand, she was so tiny that all the way home I put her in my lap and I could barely feel her. She was allow to be inside from time to time because Ringo was big enough to hurt her. After a few months she started to work cattle with Ringo and they have been inseparables since then. Molly is my dog, she listen to me and she loves when I rub her back while she is laying on the front porch floor.

My fur babies love my family and we love them back, my girls have learned so much having pets around because they feel the necessity of being compassioned and caring to these little creatures who give them all the love they have in their hearts.

Today hug your wiggle butt baby and don’t forget to give them a good treat, because they will spend all their life loving you because of you, and that’s it.

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