Lets get mental MOMS

As we navigate contemporary motherhood many of us, moms or women whatever season of life we are don’t have the time or energy to understand why we fell all the emotions we feel, sometimes we internalize our feelings and do the best we can to show up every single day.

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A lot of experts blame the hormones for our compromised psychological well being while others like myself think it comes from society’s gender expectations.

Let’s do real talk moms, mommy guilt is the worst, its exhausting, it has become a national pastime, every kind of mom from celebraties like Kim K to your sister in law to myself has felt it without question, our love from our tiny humans makes us susceptible to second guess every decision we make on daily basis. –

Should I be upset to my toddler because he pulled that girls hair in daycare? No, poor guy he is in daycare because of my work.

Look at Sally, she packed organic lunches to her kids everyday; that means I’m a lousy mom because I made my son a pb and jam sandwich.

What is that? This is the third day on a row that you see Felicia in the drop off line wearing pajamas?

Come on you guys!!! We all have feel it and even make someone feel it too.

The truth is MOMS DONT GET ENOUGH SLEEP we contend years of interrumpted sleep and we are exhausted all the time. Unfortunately, the impact of sleep deprivation is dangerous for our mental health. It can lead to depression, anxiety, stress, etc.

So please, please mom friends when you bundle of joy is taking a nap or your older kids are in their rooms doing some homework forget about your to do list and lay down for a while. REST SLEEP RELAX

woman laying on bed

Get that sleep hours in momma, you need them to be the best mom you can be, so you can play with your kiddos with getting mad all the time or take them to the park, you can rock that PTA meeting and be a friend to Felicia instead of judging her.

Moms keep everybody sleep schedule on time since the day they were born and we just forget that we need the same rest as them. Sleep is the time when your body and brain regenerate and you need that more than everyone else in your life, yes you read that right MORE than everyone else.

Mental Health is a anchor in your life, please don’t be stubborn trying to believe that you can go on with sleep for 2 days or another cup of coffee will do the trick. I want you to enjoy your life and fulfilled your existence in this world, so take a nap, rest your mind for at least 15 minutes every 2 hours, sleep 7 to 8 hours at night and take care of your mental health.

If you need help or someone to talk you send me a dm in my Instagram @livingmybestlifeblog or comment here and reach out.

Love, your girl


10 thoughts on “Lets get mental MOMS

  1. This is such an important issue. I’ve been addressing it numerous times lately I will again and again because I believe that only by taking care or ourselves, can we take proper care of others. A tired mom is an angry mom. An angry mom makes everyone around angry, too. An angry family may find it sooooo difficult to maintain the atmosphere of love, happiness, and peace. So by not taking care of yourself, you basically take away that peace from your family.

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  2. Yup! Sleep when they sleep. This goes beyond the newborn stage. I try to get a nap every day while my toddler naps. It helps me to reset mentally, physically, and emotionally.

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    1. To cover up for their own feeling of guilt and shame. If they can’t accept the fact that mistakes are OK, they feel terrible when even minor things happen. Then they try to get rid of that feeling by shaming others.

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  3. To cover up for their own feeling of guilt and shame. If they can’t accept the fact that mistakes are OK, they feel terrible when even minor things happen. Then they try to get rid of that feeling by shaming others.

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  4. I relish in naps, even during work. I find I physically and mentally operate more efficiently. I love when my little one takes one with me when he’s not so fussy. I agree that mental health is not up for negotiation ❀

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