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Quick and delicious Hot Cocoa

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My girls and I share the love for delicious hot cocoa, specially in those snowy, cold days that we don’t get to stay at home. Each of us have our on special cup and when we pour this scrumptious hot cocoa we top it with a limitless amount of mini marshmallows. YUMMM….

This recipe came up to me as I research how to make homemade hot cocoa mix. It’s took me some practice to perfection it but now I can wait to share it with y’all.

This are the most easy to get ingredients so just go to your grocery store and grab them ASAP:

*Powered Sugar

*Instant dry milk powder

*French Vainilla Coffee Creamer

*Unsweetened cocoa powder

In a large bowl you will whisk the cocoa powder and the powdered sugar together until you remove any big lumps.

Then incorporate the dry milk powder. Followed by the coffee creamer and again whisk all together until it’s all super smooth.

and there you have it… Isn’t this the quicker recipe you have ever read in a blog?

Now, what I like to do its pour all the mix in a airtight cointainer and have it ready to go.

To make yourself and your family a mug of this flavorful hot cocoa all you got to do is:

*Add 1/2 cup of hot cocoa mix to your cup and pour around 8 or 7 ounces of hot water in the mug, remember to incorporate all the mini marshmallows you want and even candy canes or sprinkle some cinnamon. (That makes it super tasty too)

white and black mug with marshmallow and milk

9 thoughts on “Quick and delicious Hot Cocoa

  1. my 2 year old would LOVE this! Hot cocoa in her special mugs is one of her favorite winter day things to do!

    I’ll surprise her with this after the next snowy play day!

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