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My 2019 Recap

green Christmas decor with New Year greetings

2019 is almost done and I want to take a moment to reach to you guys and express my gratitude for being so supported to this little blog of mine.

Im super excited for what the future holds and all the dreams I’m accomplishing and keep making true next year.

2019 showed me a new facet of me, I learned that my patience is precious but I have to rise up and ask for what I’m worth. I learned I can be all I want as long as I am true to myself, I appreciated all the everyday small blessings and even I thought myself to be unpredictable something I though I could never be. I met new people, I made tons of new friends and let behind all the negative vibes in my life. Why? Because this next year my focus is to be great, no no just great, I want to be the very best exceptional version of myself and that means I need be surrounded by people I love and they love me back.

It’s a hard choice but hard choices are the ones that without a doubt will propel you to amazing results.

Everyone wants to be great and be the best version of themselves but little do they know it not enough to say it, you need to actually do all the work, no shortcuts, no backups, just pure hard work all day everyday.

I made myself number 1 priority and this so freaking hard, I’m still learning and somedays I go back to bad habits of let other people opinions come to my life first than my own. But I’m getting better at catching that when happen.

Fall in love with the process of be exceptional, fall in love with yourself, with your life, with every part of your day that makes you fulfilled and then let everything else behind.

Come on friend let conquer this amazing, beautiful mess called life.

I ready to go ALL in 2020… are you coming with me?

Love, your girl Mary

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