My Holiday Traditions

Holidays… Oh sweet baby Jesus coming to the world, Christmas carols in every place, people being kind to eachother, realizing that it doesn’t matter what its in the outside what matter its the inside, snowy days filled with giggles and hot cocoa, elfs on shelves bringing magic to our homes every morning, baking sugar cookies and pies with our love ones. Tis the season for joy, fulfillment and hope in human kind.

I cherish all my traditions but my holiday traditions? they are my favorite, I want to share with you some of them, because it makes my heart happy and I think my small community its starting to form and im so grateful for all and each one of you, who take the time to read my blog. Im so very thankful for you guys.

We make gingerbread Houses:

I have to be honest, I don’t have really good building skills but my malboro man and kids does but decorating them? That’s my jam! I love all the little candy and gummies that makes them super cute.

candy house décor

We bake goodies:

My girls and me spend most of our time in the kitchen making goodies for their friends and teachers. They love the Food Network’s Baking shows so sometimes they surprise me baking something I have never taste before.

close photography of biscuits with chocolates

We make a Christmas Movie Marathon.

Give me all the classics, Home Alone, Elf, How the Grinch stole Christmas, Then Santa Clause, Miracle on 34th Street, Frosty the Snowman, Its a wonderful life but our all time favorite Disney’s Christmas Carol! Pajamas and your favorite blanket are required, we make popcorn and turn the lights off. My girls love this tradition more than anything

See the source image

Elf on the Shelf

I don’t know who has more fun with this tradition my girls or my hubby and me!!! haha Every morning Joy (our Elf) appears in the weirdest places you can imagine, my husband of course has the imagination of a Muppet, meaning the comes up with incredible ideas for our little Christmas visitor.

Drive around town to see Christmas Lights

I used to do this with my dad when i was little and now that I get to do it with my little girls makes my heart swallowed. There so many ways to make this holiday season magic without expending all your bonus or all your energy in things it wont matter next month. Driving around our town and admire the twinkle lights outside the houses and delight your hear with holiday music it’s good for your soul and your family.

snowman and santa claus near house decor

Decorating our home

This is the TRADITION BOSS! every year on the weekend after thanksgiving we take all fall decoration down and put up all our Christmas stuff. We sing and dance Christmas songs while we do it and get everything ready for our famous hot cocoa recipe which i will be sharing with you later. (it will be your new favorite, trust me)

I hope this traditions serve you as inspiration for your new traditions to embrace.

Merry Everything and a happy always!

love, your girl Mary

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