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Women who inspire me Part 2

Living my Best Life Blog Series

Hey Friend welcome back to my Blog Series “Women who inspire me”!

On today’s post I’m talking about Rachel Hollis, she is a top motivational speaker, author, mom of 4 and this week woman who inspire me.

I have read her books “Girl, wash your face” and “Girl, stop apologizing”, listened to her podcast, I mean I’m totally fangirl this gal, but let me tell you a little a bit about how I found her.

It was spring of 2018 and the flowers were blooming and the birdies were chipping away, ok ok, cut to the chase Mary, so there was something inside of me that wanted more, but don’t get m

e wrong my life was great, but I wanted more for me internally you know? Like when you feel like something inside of you want to burst but you don’t know what would happen if you let it burst.

So I was trying to feel great within my own self, but my negative self-talk was acting crazy!

It just won’t stop, I couldn’t keep it quiet, from I hate my hair, to why can I lose the baby weight when my baby is already 6!

I was in a dark place but the saddest part was that nobody but myself keep beating me down. Then one totally normal day I was walking through the supermarket buying some dog food for my fur babies when I came across with the book aisle.

The book “Girl, wash your face!” was on the top shelf to the right and when I saw it I was like “Oh, I never have time to read, why should I bother?”

But I got it anyway, thinking maybe one day I will read it. So I got home and the book stayed on my night table for a whole week until one day I open it and you guys, I couldn’t put it down. I got hooked, I stared searching who this Hollis girl was and soon enough I found out about the great impact she has on all women lives around the globe.

She is a powerhouse of positivity, knowledge, purpose and most important she is a woman like you and me that loves to shop at Target and her some Beyonce jams while working out.

If you haven’t hear about her go and follow her on Instagram or any other social media. She is amazing!

Share with me your favorite author or book here and check out my Instagram @livingmybestlifebymary.

3 thoughts on “Women who inspire me Part 2

  1. Oh! I’ve been wanting to read this book! Soo many recommendations! I love this series you have on your blog! It’s always great to find those who inspires you!

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