Women who inspire me

Living my best life Blog Series

Hey ya’ll, this is a new Blog Series where I will be giving a shout out and sharing with you stories from women who had cross my path or have been there since I can remember.

This is my new blog series WOMEN WHO INSPIRE ME #WWIM

Ok, to start amazing series I want to talk about my sisters Chela and Pame, you see I’m the youngest of 4 siblings and having my sisters since day one has been one of my greatest blessings, they have always been there for me, from doing my hair and singing happy birthday to me when I was little to helping through some failures, ugly crying and everything in between. Yes of course we fight but we always find the way to work things out. We love watching TV Shows while eating chips with salsa valentina or just hanging out doing nothing (this was before we had kids, haha)

They are exceptional moms and hard working women, they rock at their jobs and not to brag but they are pretty darn beautiful.

I miss them dearly because since I don’t live in the same city it’s hard for me to see them and visit them as much as I would like to but we chat every day and we help each other even if we are not together.

I admire them so much, Chela is my oldest sister, she is an English teacher in my hometown, she is smart, funny, dedicated and super creative, and she has her own party decor business and let me tell you she is the best, her creations are to die for, she can make anything she puts her mind into. The courage in her heart and the way she has to make any situation better is what makes her the incredible woman she is today.  

Pame is my middle sister, I have a really special bond with her because when I was a teenager going thru all the teenager drama situation she and her husband were always there for me and still are even now that I’m a full grown woman (well, sorta) she has been my support thru all my life and I love her with all my heart.

She is the boss, no, no, literally she is, she represent what a boss girl is, she is over the top intelligent, she is gracious, she is a culinary badass, she is fearless and stylish.

She is what Beyonce was thinking about when she wrote “Who runs the world”. Her kindness overflows every place she goes.

Both of them always make me feel like no matter where we are, we are sisters and we are always here for each other. They have share with me all my ups and downs, they know me and I value them like the shinning diamonds they are.

We are so different but they inspire me because though we grow up together facing the same rough childhood we overcome the fear, the sadness and the despair.

We rise from all that to become the amazing women who will inspire our own children and their children and so on.

Tell me about one woman that inspire you and give her a shout out in my Instagram page @livingmybestlifeblog.

Your girl,


3 thoughts on “Women who inspire me

  1. What a sweet way to share how much you love your sisters. As an oldest sister myself, I can say that my little sister has been such a blessing and made life MUCH more fun and exciting. We are friends now that we’re grown up, more than we ever were.

    I hope you always make relationships with your sisters a priority! The people in our lives are so special and should be treasured and supported.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s is so true, I can’t imagine my life without them. I’m happy to hear you and your sister share the same bond as me and my sisters.
      Thank you for your comment and I hope to see you around here more and more.


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