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Celebrating El Dia de los Muertos

El Dia de los Muertos

by Living my best life Blog by Mary

The Dia de Muertos or the Day of the Dead, brings lots of memories and nostalgia to everyone who has Mexican roots.

To me, going to the cemetery and bringing fresh flowers to our dead family members was a tradition since I was a little girl.

I treasure these memories in my heart and I love passing on this traditions and making new memories with my daughters: so today I’m going to share with you guys some Altar de Dia de los Muertos

To honor our loved ones who had passed away we décor a table with papel picado, paper flowers, some beautiful calaveritas , pictures of our loved ones, candles to light and show them the path and some food of their favorite food or pan de muerto to celebrate them as they come here to be with us.

Do you like El Dia de los Muertos? Tell me if you celebrate it or if you know someone who does.

Go to my Instagram @livingmybestlifeblog and DM me.

Your girl,


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