Let’s be cool moms

Hey girl!
I have found a lot of internet articles about how to be a “perfect mom” but after reading them I was like, I don’t want to be perfect mom, I want to be a cool mom.

I want to be a cool mom, because I have 2 smart, awesome daughters that are looking every step I make and they need to know that they don’t have to be perfect, they just need to be themselves.
So, a question pop into my head what makes a cool mom? Well I think these 5 things described pretty much what cool moms do.

She is the BOSS!
A  cool mom is the Boss in her family and in her business, of course she knows what is for dinner tonight but she also knows what time tomorrow’s meeting starts and where the PTA fundraiser is gonna be.

She hangout with other moms and talks about grown up stuff.
Even if she is a home stay mom she know that for her sanity she needs grown-ups interaction.
She shows her kiddos that having friends her age is a priority for her. And that she can be besties with them and grown-ups as well.

She knows about technology
Cool moms are good at texting, snapping, making insta-stories even having a blog (wink, wink)
By knowing how social media and internet works she is able to understand better the tech world her kids are growing up in.

Use as little of “mom” items as possible. She reads blogs, love fashion and takes cute pictures with her kids.
She has a big diaper bag with tiny teething toys, sunscreen but also with her laptop, iPhone, nail polish and lipstick.
Let me tell you something you probably didn’t know.
Being a mom doesn’t mean you lose your sense of style or that you are destined to wear pajamas for the rest of your life. Sister, you rock those ripped jeans and awesome shirt even if as a tiny juice stain on it.

She takes time to get readyOk ladies, this is important; a cool mom takes time of her morning to look her best so she can feel her best. ‘’If you look good you feel good” so she wakes up earlier to get ready without yelling like a crazy lady while her kids are running around without a sock or their shirt backwards. She is cool because she knows she is ready to conquer her day and to achieve her goals.

Being who you are and give yourself grace is what makes you a cool mom!!!
 Come to my instagram @livingmybestlifeblogbymary and tell me what makes you a cool mom!

Love, your girl 

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