9 things you didn’t know about me

9 Things you didn’t know about me
Hello there! Today’s post it’s a bit more personal, I wasn’t entirely sure how to do it, I mean this blog is just a month old but I’m so glad to be able to know such a great community of beautiful and kind people like yourself.  I for one know that I really like to get to know the people whose lives I read about. So I thought why not share a few facts about myself?
Here are some things you didn’t know about me.

    My favorite color is yellow. I’m obsessed with this color, it brings me joy, i can’t have enough yellow in my life that’s all I can say.


             Music has a big impact in my life. When I start feeling overwhelm or just having to much in my head, music help me to calm down or if a need a little extra in my morning work out i can always find the perfect song on my Spotify playlist; I like to listen it while I’m cooking, getting ready, doing laundry, driving. I like every type from classical to hip hop.

     I love thrift shopping and antiquing. I mean who doesn’t right? Spending part of my afternoon looking for little treasures in thrift stores it one of my favorite things to do, you know the old saying “Someone’s trash can be someone’s treasure” well I’m pretty good at finding treasures.

          My favorite season is FALL. The crisp air, the leaves turning orange and the smell of cinnamon and all spice in my house, makes my heart happy, but don’t get me wrong I enjoy every bit of summer weather but, autumn its just peace and comfort for my soul. Spending my afternoon reading with a warm cup of tea and a fluffy blanket its what heaven looks to me.

        I write on my journal every morning. I do a grateful list every day to start my day with a grateful mindset and trust me, if I can give you a piece of advice about anything it will be do this practice an habit in your life  “Do a list of 10 things you are grateful for” everyday. They don’t have to be big or important things, some days I’m just grateful for my green smoothie or for the joke my husband told me this morning. Start your day with a grateful heart.

       My favorite food are TACOS. I don’t know a single person who enjoy a full plates of homemade tacos as i do, I mean come on, they are tasty, warm, and spicy they can be eaten in the morning, afternoon and night and let’s face it… TACOS ARE THE BEST FOOD IN THE WORLD.

    Self-development books are my jam. I’m currently reading OWN YOUR EVERYDAY by Jordan Lee Dooley. Soooo good! Go get it at any store books are sold.

         I have a playful blue heeler called Molly, she is one year old and she is like my third child. #dogmom

BONUS FACT      The purpose of my writing. I have been writing since I was little tiny human only for myself, but a few months ago I started using it to express my feelings, interest and build relationships with people around the world.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me and get to know me more, now tell me something I don’t know about you! I love getting to know my readers, so if you would comment below or on my insta @livingmybestlifeblog and share something about yourself, it would seriously make my day. Anything else you want to know? Other questions that you have? Ask them below or on my insta and I’ll answer!
Love, your girlMary

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