5 ways to spend quality time with your kids

Hey… Living my best life BLOG is actually out in the world (yay!) and while being a busy momma can be challenging specially when you’re trying to keep everything in balance, you know what I’m talking about sis… playing with barbies, cleaning your house, folding laundry, making dinner, you name it…Yet, we all acknowledge that spending quality time with our kids is vitally needed to create unforgettable memories and to show love to our little precious humans.
With that in mind I came up with 5 fun ways to spend quality time with your kiddos doing something you will enjoy!

 1.Pack a PICNIC It can be in your backyard or your local park, anywhere outside of your house where you can enjoy the fresh air and the sun. Make some sandwiches and cut delicious fruit and enjoy!

2.Make them a cute just because note I do this once a week for my girls and it really makes an impact in their day. Just telling them how much you love them or how happy their laugh makes you, i promise you it will brighten their smiles and hearts.

3.Bake a cake together This is great for letting them feel like grown-ups, let them mix the ingredients and break the eggs (my girls favorite thing to do)  and the best part… Let them decorate it however they want; frosting, sprinkles, caramel, cherries, whipped cream can being put on little cups to make easier for them to use.

4.Take a trip to your local library Kids are never too little to adopt the good habit of reading, let them pick any books they like and you will be surprise to see the exceptional impact books create in their life. Mark an hour a day to read with your kiddos or let them read to you.

5. Put electronics down Ok… let’s get real here sister, I’m so guilty of this, but you and me know that we NEED to be present and give all our attention to those little ones running and dancing around the house. I mean Instagram, Facebook and all social media can wait right?

 your girl Mary

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