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5 Books I recommend for this summer!

Books can take you to amazing places and show you imaginary worlds you never knew your mind could create.  I remember the first time I picked up a  book and told myself: I’m ready to really read it for fun, not as an assignment or because someone had told me to. I was hooked fromContinue reading “5 Books I recommend for this summer!”

9 things you didn’t know about me

9 Things you didn’t know about meHello there! Today’s post it’s a bit more personal, I wasn’t entirely sure how to do it, I mean this blog is just a month old but I’m so glad to be able to know such a great community of beautiful and kind people like yourself.  I for oneContinue reading “9 things you didn’t know about me”

Let’s be cool moms

Hey girl! I have found a lot of internet articles about how to be a “perfect mom” but after reading them I was like, I don’t want to be perfect mom, I want to be a cool mom. I want to be a cool mom, because I have 2 smart, awesome daughters that are lookingContinue reading “Let’s be cool moms”

The Enneagram!

I’m obsessed with this personality theory. The Enneagram evaluates you as one of 9 types; each type has its own strengths, personality lines and weakness. Let me assure this, it’s INSANELY accurate. I’m so happy to share with you what my enneagram type is and how it has helped me understand my dynamics in myContinue reading “The Enneagram!”

4 Hairstyles for unwashed hair

4 Hairstyles to do with unwashed hair OMG!!! Some friend just found out I don’t wash my hair everyday!!! Wait what? Well first of all, it’s the best way to keep your hair healthy because of your own natural oils. (My hairdresser advice) I wash my hair every 3 o 4 days, and let meContinue reading “4 Hairstyles for unwashed hair”

My JJ aka Jean Jacket

Jean Jacket  Girl…let me tell you a secret… I LOVE MY JEAN JACKET! It’s an essential garment in my closet, for me it’s my ride or die. It’s so versatile, I can wear it at work in the day and on date night, I style it all seasons long, it’s super trendy and to beContinue reading “My JJ aka Jean Jacket”

5 ways to spend quality time with your kids

Hey… Living my best life BLOG is actually out in the world (yay!) and while being a busy momma can be challenging specially when you’re trying to keep everything in balance, you know what I’m talking about sis… playing with barbies, cleaning your house, folding laundry, making dinner, you name it…Yet, we all acknowledge thatContinue reading “5 ways to spend quality time with your kids”